Relationship Counselling for Couples Suffering Infertility or Pregnancy Loss

For a couple, having difficulties conceiving or carrying a pregnancy to term can place a heavy strain on the relationship. Not only is the subject emotionally fraught, but it also can be isolating, as infertility is not often or openly discussed. This turns much of the stress inwards, into the relationship. As a result, counselling can be a useful way to relieve some of the pressure on the relationship and open up communication in a neutral environment. Here are some questions you might discuss in your session. How do you want to respond to events with young children? For many people struggling Read More →

How to deal with your child’s teenage anxiety

While teenage anxiety is often dismissed as simple growing pains, for the young person and their family it can be a truly traumatic experience. Teenagers may act up because of anxiety, suddenly changing their behaviour and ignoring their parents’ rules or lashing out. They may conversely appear very well-behaved and achieve highly but be feeling enormous pressure that could lead to breakdowns or self harm. Anxiety is a serious condition in teens as well as adults, and it affects upwards of 20 percent of young people; fortunately, being there for your teenager and offering the option of counselling can help address Read More →