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Dealing with loss at a young age

Not all kids go through life with a smooth start. Some of them experience grief and loss from a young age. People often don't realise how much events are affecting children, as children show their grief in a very different way to adults. This blog has some practical tips on how to recognise grief in young children as well as some tips on how you can help them as a parent or carer when they are struggling. It is very important for us as adults to help children get through their immediate grief so that they can enjoy their childhood.

Two Reasons to Go for Counselling After a Loved One Passes Away

15 March 2019
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If someone close to you has recently passed away, you should consider booking an appointment at one of your local counselling centres. Read on to find out why. Unresolved grief may cause you to ruin your life It is very common for people to try to ignore the grief that they experience when someone they love dies. Instead of dealing with it, they often choose to throw themselves into perfecting the funeral arrangements or choose to take on lots of extra responsibilities at work in order to keep themselves so busy that they don't have time to think too much. Read More …